About Jellypie Software.


Jellypie Software is a small UK based company dedicated to the production of creative software products that are both fun to use and create great results. If we don't enjoy it, we don't program it. Simple as that. Since the company is small, when you contact us, you'll be speaking directly with the people that design and program the software. If you use pirate copies of our programs, you are stealing food from our kids mouths.


Meet the team...

The team at Jellypie Software currently consists of:

Andrew Gibson CEO of Jellypie SoftwareAndrew Gibson, the CEO of Jellypie software. He designs all of Jellypie's products, dreams up new ideas and occasionally mucks in with the programming. Andrew is also responsible for web design, sundry Photoshop work, Search Engine optimisation and marketing. He never gets enough sleep.


Jellypie Software Programmer Steven HalesworthSteven Halesworth, the head programmer at Jellypie Software. Steven is responsible for writing mountains of C++ OpenGL code in order to make the applications you know and love. When he's not programming Jellypie products, Steven can be found watching Battlestar Galactica and working in his 3D Movie Making project. See Galactic Soft for more details.


Jellypie Ltd
33a Buxton Road


Jellypie Software Head Office on Google Earth

Download a free demo of Video Fun Box. Try it out and see what you think! Download a free demo of Video Fun Box. Try it out and see what you think!