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Every Video Editor need a method of converting from one video format to another. Blaze Media Convert is the perfect tool to do this and can be downloaded here. It's an excellent utility that makes it quick and easy to convert a video file to any codec you currently have installed on your system. Blazel Media Convert converts your video files to AVI, VCD, SVCD, DVD, MPEG 1 or MPEG 2 movies.


TV tool is an excellent little utility that really makes the most of the TV out port on a graphics card. One of its most useful features is its full screen mode. Essentially, this makes a video fill the screen properly. No more black borders on display! It has a whole host of features to increase the quality of TV output and you can download a free trial version here.
Although this trial version is time restricted, it will give you a good idea of the power of the program and just how useful it really is. If you need to record to video tape from your PC on a regular basis, it's well worth registering.

Video Compression Codecs.

Because raw digital Video footage takes up so much disk space, it's often very useful to be able to export a compressed version of your video. For example, the clips in on the front page of our site were around 110 meg in size when exported from Video Fun Box using the "Full Frames Uncompressed" option. However, when exported using DIVX compression technology the file size is reduced to around 500K. Admittedly, this was achieved using heavy compression that caused some loss of quality, but even so, the results really do speak for themselves. It's worth remebering that Video compression technology moves forward at an alarming rate, whereas video formats do not. DVD's use Mpeg 2 to compress movies onto a single DVD. DIVX (which is based on the more advanced MPEG4 compression technology) can fit the same movie onto a CD with virtually no loss of quality.

From a home video editing perspective, using DIVX to render video makes a
lot of sense.

* There's a free version available
* It's quality is vastly superior to MPEG2
* File sizes are much much smaller
* DVD players that support the DIVX format are now widely available.

With a DIVX compatible DVD player, you can watch your digital movies away from your PC. You can download several versions of DIVX here. We'd recommend you start with the free version, then move on to the pro version if it suits your needs.
Getting good results using the DIVX codec can be quite an art. Fortunately there are many sites on the web that provide support articles. The DIVX-Digest site can be found here. This site provides news on developments with the DIVX codec and related subjects, as well as offering lots of extremely useful tutorial articles.

Video Editing Tutorials is dedicated to providing free educational and reference material in the field of electronic media. Topics covered include video and television production, audio work, website design and more.

Check it out here:

Useful Video Editing Forums.

Digital Video Forums and newsgroups provide an excellent source of information. Computer Video magazine has a forum hosted at A lot of people use it, so it's worth registering and posting a question if you're really stumped with a problem.

The follwing newsgroups are also very active and resonably friendly:

PC Advice.

From budget video editing PCs to professional non linear, broadcast quality solutions Poweroid is an excellent place to start! The site is full of useful advice on PCs and deciding on the right PC for you

Check it out here:

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If you know of a site that would be useful to video editors, please email the link. Alternatively, if you run such a site please drop us a line to exchange links. gets a lot of visitors, so it would be well worth your while.


Download a free demo of Video Fun Box. Try it out and see what you think!