Tricks and Tips: How to get the best out of Video Fun Box 2


Hi-res seamless textures.

The full purchased version of Video Fun Box 2 ships with over 100 low-res seamless textures. However, many of the textured effects in Video Fun Box 2 look better when Hi-res textures are used. In this tutorial we’re going to show how you can convert low-res seamless textures into high-res seamless textures, relatively easily in any paint package, or by using the tile effect in Video Fun Box 2 to create new hybrid seamless textures.


First of all let’s look at the difference a hi-res seamless texture can make.


Here’s a Video Fun Box 2 3D model textured with a low-res seamless texture:

low res texture

Here it is again textured with a medium res texture:

Medium Res Texture

Here’s the same model textured with a hi-res version of the same texture:

High Res Texture

You can click on any of the above images to see them in more detail.


When used in an effect sequence, a hi-res texture can have a dramatic impact on the visual appearance of the effect.

Low-Res Texture Video

Hi-Res Texture Video


So how do you turn Lo-Res textures into high res textures?

The seamless textures that ship with Video Fun Box 2 are 255x255 in size. Because they are seamless they can be tiled together to create a bigger texture. The process is exactly the same as laying floor tiles. All you need to do is ensure the edges match up correctly in a square! You can do this in pretty much any image editing package (Windows Paint included). Just save the resulting image as a jpg and load it back into Video Fun Box 2 as a texture!


Using the Tile Effect in Video Fun Box 2 to generate Hi-Res Textures.

The Tile effect in Video Fun Box 2 uses a tiling technique programatically to tile two independent textures in 3x3 grids. As a result, you can use the “Copy to Clipboard” or “Save Bitmap” functions to export the image data from Video Fun Box 2. This works best on high res screens with Video Fun Box 2 maximised to take up all the screen real estate.


You can even use the Tile effect to blend two seamless textures together in order to create a new texture. Just load two different textures into the tile effect and zoom them in until they over lap exactly. For example:



Atlantic Ice


Hybrid thumb

Copy to Clipboard or save as a Bitmap, then all you need to do is load the image into a paint package and crop it. Here’s an example effect we created by blending the atlantic_ice.jpg (one of the additional 100+ seamless textures bundled with the full version of the program) with matrix.jpg in the tile effect. This new texture was then used to texture the donut model:

Seamless Texture Makers.

There are a number of seamless texture makers available. We’d recommend Texture Maker which offers a commercial license for Euro 99.95

and Genetica from Spiral Graphics. Their commerical license costs $399.99 USD.


More about Seamless Loops

We get a lot of email asking how we created some of the amazing seamless loop sequences bundled with the Video Fun Box 2. The truth is, it really isn't rocket science. It all boils down to 360 degree rotation...


360 Degree rotation

When you rotate any object through 360 degrees, it ends up in the same position it started. If you create a key frame at position zero on the Video Fun Box 2 time line then rotate the effect through 360 degrees on any axis, then add another keyframe at the end of the timeline, you've made a seamless loop! The sequences bundled in the program are just variations on this theme, using different features of the program.

Download a free demo of Video Fun Box. Try it out and see what you think!