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Video Fun Box is a Windows application that makes it easy to generate video loops on your PC. You can add stunning, professional intros, outros, and segues to your video sales presentations, training films, and any movies that you create on the PC. You can even use Video Fun Box to provide the source video for Flash web design. The headers on this site were made with video exported from Video Fun Box.

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Make Money with Video Fun Box!


You can sell the video loops you make with Video Fun Box on stock video sites! We don’t apply any restriction on commercial uses of the program and once you’ve bought a copy, you are free to use the output from the program in any way you wish! Get paid for being creative. It’s a great feeling!


Video Fun Box WomanVideo Fun Box is far more than just a video titling package. It includes a wide range of fully customizable digital video effects that are so flexible that the only limit is your own creativity. Creating breathtaking 3D titles is easy with Video Fun Box and you can create an almost infinite range of video backgrounds in seconds! By harnessing the full power of your PC's graphics hardware, Video Fun Box creates beautiful animated 3D titles and special effects in real-time. In the past, effects like these could only be produced on dedicated video hardware, or laboriously rendered in 3D graphics software packages. With Video Fun Box, professional quality Video titling is within reach of the home video editor and effects can be created in seconds.

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Use Video Fun Box with any Video Editing Software!

Video Fun Box can be used with any Video editing software. In many video editing packages, titling is often basic and functional. Video Fun Box takes the titling capabilities of home editing to a whole new level!

Video Fun Box in Action!

Here are a range of short video clips created with the current version of Video Fun Box. All of these clips were encoded Windows Media Video format and are heavily compressed for online Playback. This results in small, low quality files that stream quickly. While they do not in any way reflect the quality of the output Video Fun Box can generate, they give a good idea of the creative potential of the program.


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Special Effects in Video Fun Box

Video effects can be used in conjunction with titling to create stunning intro and outro sequences. Or the effects can be used independently to make unique video backgrounds for inclusion in your video projects or to use as backgrounds for DVD menus. The product features a wide range of fully customizable special effects to spice up any Video. You'll no longer need to rely on the stale sample footage supplied with your editing program. With Video Fun Box, you can make your own motion backgrounds and the possibilities are virtually endless. If you've ever needed to purchase stock video backgrounds, Video Fun Box will literally save you a fortune. Please click on the thumbnail images below for some still images of just a small range of the effects in Video Fun Box.

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Video Titling

Select any windows font and type in your title text. The results are instant and easily configured to your titling needs. Zoom, rotate, tilt, spin and pan to your heart's content! The text can be rendered in real time as chrome, glass, wire frame, textured or single colored. Video Fun Box is ideal for use with all major Video Editing Software packages, including Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premier and even Windows Movie Maker!


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Free Between Version Updates for Registered Users

Buy it risk free. We offer a no quibble 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! We value our customers and are constantly striving to improve Video Fun Box, making it more powerful and easier to use. Registered Video Fun Box users are entitled to free between version updates. This means you will be able to download and use all of the updates until we release Version 3.00 of the program.


Video Fun Box Now available on CD!

In conjunction with Esellerate (our ecommerce provider) we are now happy to offer Video Fun Box 2 on CD for a small extra charge. Just include the eCD option when you purchase Video Fun Box and you will receive a CD containing the program via priority mail.

And now for the Science Bit...

Video Fun Box harnesses an innovative new technology that uses your PC's graphics hardware to create seamless video loops. Any Windows PC with an OpenGL-enabled graphics chip can use Video Fun Box to create eye-catching video loops. Because the program uses your video card's graphics chip, even older computers with slower processors can create top-quality video loops. You can export video in a range of sizes from 3GP to HD! As long as your PC’s graphics chip supports OpenGL then it will work great with Video Fun Box. If you’re not sure then there’s an easy way to find out. Download our free demo today!


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