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Video Background Loop Software compatible with Windows 10

At Jellypie Software, we craft Windows applications that spark creativity for the artistically inclined and kindle the creative spark for those just discovering their artistic side. Our suite ranges from dynamic video background generators to innovative virtual packaging design tools—creativity is at the heart of what we do. We’re dedicated to making software that’s not only powerful but also a delight to use, ensuring that every interaction is infused with enjoyment. Please note, our applications are tailored for Windows and are not compatible with Apple Mac, iPad, Android phones, or tablets. We take pride in offering DRM-free products that can be flexibly installed and run from USB portable media. When you purchase our software, you’re purchasing a personal license, which means you’re free to install it on multiple PCs that you own. With Jellypie Software, your creative potential knows no bounds.


Video Fun Box: Video Background Loop Generator Free

Video Fun Box image Video Background Loop Generator

Video Fun Box transforms your Windows PC into a hub for crafting video backgrounds with ease. This application empowers you to enhance your movies with sophisticated intros, outros, and transitions that rival professional production. It’s versatile enough to fuel web design, having been used to create the captivating video headers you see on our site.

However, Video Fun Box is more than a tool for titling your videos. It boasts a versatile array of digital video effects that stretch as far as your imagination can reach. The process of designing stunning 3D titles is simplified, allowing you to produce a diverse collection of video backgrounds swiftly. Leveraging your PC’s graphics hardware, Video Fun Box delivers real-time creation of exquisite animated 3D titles and backgrounds. Such high-caliber effects were once the exclusive domain of specialized video hardware, but now, Video Fun Box puts this professional-grade video titling and effect generation into the hands of home video editors everywhere, enabling the creation of visual wonders in mere moments.


Video Stock Box: Video Background Loop Machine Free

Video Stock Box Box Shot the Video Background Loop Machin

Video Stock Box is your creative partner, offering an extensive library of 500 ready-to-use video background loops that can elevate your video projects with striking intros, outros, and transitions. It’s an indispensable tool for Windows users looking to infuse their creations with a professional touch or to craft engaging video headers for websites.

Forget the hefty expenses associated with stock video loops and the time-consuming process of crafting your own from scratch. With Video Stock Box, you gain access to an impressive variety of background loops at a fraction of the cost and time investment. The collection spans over 90 minutes of unique content, ready to be tailored to your project needs.

The secret to Video Stock Box’s efficiency lies in its advanced technology that leverages your PC’s graphics hardware. This approach ensures smooth, high-quality video loops are at your fingertips, whether you’re working on a modern rig or an older system. Your creativity isn’t limited by hardware constraints—Video Stock Box is optimized for OpenGL-enabled graphics chips, allowing even less powerful PCs to produce stunning results. Plus, with the flexibility to export video from mobile-friendly 3GP up to crisp HD quality, your content is ready for any platform.

Video Stock Box is a Windows application that contain 500 ready made video background loops. You can use these to add stunning intros, outros, and segues to any movies that you create on your PC. You can even use Video Stock Box to provide the source video for video headers in web design.

Sick of spending thousands of dollars buying video loops from stock photo companies? You can spend days creating your own video background loops. Or you can use Video Stock Box to create similar video background loops, quickly, for a fraction of the price. The program can create more than 500 different video loops on your PC. These have a total running time of more than an hour and a half.

Video Stock Box harnesses an innovative new technology that uses your PC’s graphics hardware to create seamless video background loops. Any Windows PC with an OpenGL-enabled graphics chip can use Video Stock Box to create eye-catching video loops. Because the program uses your video card’s graphics chip, even older computers with slower processors can create top-quality video background loops. You can export video in a range of sizes from 3GP to HD!


3D Sci Fi Movie Maker Free


Unleash your cinematic potential with 3D Sci-Fi Movie Maker, the ultimate Windows application that empowers you to craft your own science fiction epics. Whether you aspire to direct a blockbuster or pay tribute to the classics, this is the tool to bring your visions to life. Ideal for creating anything from a fan homage to a full-fledged animated feature, 3D Sci-Fi Movie Maker stands as the premier choice for aspiring filmmakers targeting the YouTube space.

This software is engineered with a unique blend of keyframe and free-form animation systems, simplifying the creation of sophisticated animation sequences. Embrace the ease with which you can animate complex scenes, making daunting tasks manageable.

3D Sci-Fi Movie Maker is optimized to harness the full capability of OpenGL-accelerated technology, ensuring fluid and stunning animations that utilize your PC’s graphics chip to its fullest potential. It’s designed to be inclusive; even PCs with older specs can produce high-quality sci-fi clips thanks to efficient graphics chip utilization. Versatility is a keystroke away with support for a spectrum of video sizes from mobile-ready 3GP to high-definition quality. Compatible with Windows 10, 3D Sci-Fi Movie Maker requires only a graphics card with OpenGL support to transform your storytelling dreams into on-screen reality.


3d Box Shot Pro Free

3D Box Shot Pro Boxshot Image

Transform your designs from flat to fascinating with 3D Box Shot Pro, the versatile cover design application that breathes life into 2D images. With this powerful tool, you can craft compelling 3D virtual covers perfect for web display, print media, or as vibrant application icons. Featuring an array of models and dazzling pixel-shader effects, 3D Box Shot Pro is the go-to choice for a multitude of users—from independent software vendors crafting high-quality product “box shots” and icons to global publishing giants seeking print-ready promotional images.

eBay power sellers leverage 3D Box Shot Pro to create eye-catching graphics that give them a competitive edge. E-commerce sites use it to envision virtual packaging for their offerings, while retailers design impactful point-of-sale marketing materials with it. Note that 3D Box Shot Pro focuses on transforming your existing 2D designs into 3D masterpieces and doesn’t include native image design tools. You’ll need to create your cover images using other software, then import them into 3D Box Shot Pro to produce crisp, high-quality images for print or sharp, web-optimized graphics and icons. The full version further offers design templates compatible with Adobe Photoshop and the free online editor at, providing a seamless design-to-display workflow.


3D eBook Shot Free

3D eBook Shot Box Shot eBook Cover Animation Software

First impressions are pivotal, and with 3D eBook Shot, you can ensure your book’s cover makes an impact. This innovative virtual packaging design tool leverages your PC’s graphics hardware to turn your artwork into a 3D book in real time, allowing for rapid cover prototyping. Interact with your design through intuitive controls—rotate, pan, and zoom—to visualize and refine your cover for an eye-catching result.

3D eBook Shot isn’t just about static images; its robust keyframe animation system allows you to craft promotional videos that make your eBooks pop off the virtual shelf. Stand out in the crowded digital marketplace with covers that capture attention and convey quality.

For those with resale rights to eBooks, 3D eBook Shot is your secret weapon. Create distinctive, professional-looking covers that elevate your offerings above the competition. In a market flooded with options, a striking cover is not just an enhancement—it’s a necessity.

Elevate your digital products with the refined covers they deserve. 3D eBook Shot is optimized for Windows 10 and requires a graphics card compatible with OpenGL. Upload your artwork, and within moments, you’ll be previewing a cover that’s not just a visual treat but a powerful sales tool.