Sequence pack alpha!


As a special bonus for our customers we’re happy to announce the release of Sequence Pack Alpha! Sequence Pack Alpha contains fifty (that’s right 50!) entirely new sequences.

We’re planning to release new sequence packs on a semi regular basis.  Each sequence pack will contain at least 50 complete sequences, many of which are seamless video loops.


We don’t apply any restriction to what you do with the Video footage you export from Video Fun Box 2. You can even sell the loops you create! All we ask is that you let us know what you do with your Video Fun Box 2 footage if you use it commercially. We just like to know where it ends up!

Customer Pack One


We’re delighted to announce the launch of Customer Pack 1 for Video Fun Box 2! This includes no less than 52 sequences created by Video Fun Box 2 customers. Special thanks to Julie Hayes, for contributing the bulk of these superb sequences. Also, big ups to Martin Thompson for pushing the envelope with his stunning Planet Earth sequences.

Customer Pack 1 (CP1) is now included in the full purchased Version of Video Fun Box 2. This brings the total number of sequences bundle with the full version to well over 200!


Video Fun Box Sequence Packs can only be downloaded by Video Fun Box 2 customers and will not function correctly with the demo version of the program.


Download a free demo of Video Fun Box. Try it out and see what you think!